We have now received all the materials for the deck project, which means I’m going to be busy over the next few days. We are hoping for the dry weather to continue.

Our Echium is now coming into flower, a strange spike of a plant, with hundreds of small pale purple flowers. Mrs.B&B has always wanted to grow one and for the first time it is happening. The Bees are all over it. A bit of a drama when it nearly up rooted itself in the wind. The second one is doing well but has not shot up and is showing no signs of flowering. More succulents put into the rockery and Mrs.B&B bought a “DeepBlack” Iris for me that has been planted in full view of the decking, absolutely stunning, I love it. We now seem to have a hedge hog in the garden. Little deposits being left for us on a regular basis. Mrs.B&B is wanting to install a hedge hog house in the undergrowth. All the veg is growing rapidly, excepting runner beans, that are not even showing yet. Not sure what is going on there.

Would like to think we may be able to see Paul Weller in Plymouth during October but really not convinced it will go ahead. So in light of that, todays t-shirt is from The Jam, The Sound Affects album. Some really great tunes on there including one of their best, That’s Entertainment but also a brilliant song called Scrape Away. Takes me back to being an idealistic teenager, such a long time ago now.

Just had Thai Sticky Chicken burgers, wow! Served with a sticky sauce in a seeded bun with salad. Something to check out for sure.

Must be going now, so in these uncertain times, keep yourself safe.

Well, very nice couple of days in the sun. Had the opportunity to take a walk on Friday and decided to do some of the coast path, Talland back to Looe. With the sun on our backs it was beautiful. Raised a drink for VE Day 75 outside The Jolly Sailor and had a distanced catch up with friends while there. We have also had a video catch up with our friends Sue and PJ and today with Heid and Pete. Really good to “see” you guys. Looking forward to being able to meet up with friends and family but only when safe to do so. Eagerly awaiting Boris’ statement on Sunday. As much as our living depends on visitors coming to Looe we hope the rules are not relaxed too early, for everyone’s sake. Cornwall will still be here with everything it has to offer, beautiful coastline, boat trips, fishing, pasties, some of the best beaches in the world, cream teas (jam on first of course) and delicious fish and chips. We are blessed to live in such a wonderful county and hope you will all come to see us when this is all over with.

Kitchen redecoration is almost complete, we just need to finish the new boxing in of the consumer unit and we will be done. We will then be back onto the decking project, assuming we can get the materials now.

First paella of the year prepared and cooked by Mrs.B&B outside. Washed down with a jug or 2 of sangria, very nice indeed. Sat outside taking in the view whilst being eyed up by seagulls. I think they are missing fish ‘n’ chips and ice cream so were on the hunt for something different. They were unlucky this time.

Todays t-shirt is of the founder member of Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green. A true guitar legend and writer of Green Manalishi, Oh Well, Black Magic Woman, Albatross, Man Of The World and many, many more. You don’t get many of these tracks to the pound !

Social distance, keep safe and we hope to see you soon.

Work continues in the Schooner Point garden. We have now completed the rockery, excepting planting. The work on the dry wall down the side and front paths has been started. The decking area has been cleared of weeds and levelled, almost. We seem to have an excess of soil now. This will be shipped to another part of the garden ready for the terracing planned for that, no rush though. It has to be said, I think we are too out of condition and too old to move that much soil by hand. We managed to have showers but can now barely move. Dinner was microwaved leftovers from the freezer. To wash this down we had beer and wine from our good friends Deb and Danny. They left it as a surprise on the door-step today, Debs retreated and we had a distanced catch up. What a wonderful thing to do. Thankfully it is supposed to rain tomorrow, Friday, so no more moving soil and rocks for a couple of days.

Mrs.B&B is still promising to make pasties, however, lack of lard and flour was to blame, she says. I am sure they will appear soon but to make up for it we enjoyed scones, jam on first of course, the Cornish way. Things are a bit lacking in the kitchen while Mrs.B&B is assisting me in the garden.

We did manage to get out for a walk yesterday. Mrs.B&B decided we should investigate Kilmanorth Woods a little further, so off we went. This time straight up the hill to the top, around the style and into the field. We were expecting to come out onto the Polperro Road but no! We ended up just doubling back through the woods, it was so peaceful with lots of birds singing, including a woodpecker, he was obviously shy as we couldn’t locate him. It was a beautiful walk surrounded by wild garlic, Primroses, Campions, Violets and Celandines. For most of it we were completely alone, as it should be in the current situation. Since last writing we have even been up to see the sunrise over Rame Head. First time we have managed this since being in Looe, only taken three and a half years. All down to sleep patterns being interrupted by the current situation playing on our minds. 

We lifted our weary bodies off the sofa to clap for The NHS, as we all should. A good turn out by Looe. It was really heartening to see Boris leave hospital and we would like to convey our sympathies to those who have lost loved ones. The lock down has just been extended for a further three weeks and Mrs. B&B and I feel for everybody struggling with the situation. Stick with it guys and come out the other side safe and well.

Lastly, todays t-shirt is The Wall from Pink Floyd. Not a band I have particularly got into but love this track and the film too.

The latest star dinner was roast lamb with homemade Yorkshires, what an  amazing triumph. Unusually for us we had a pudding, fig, plumb and stem ginger tart with ice cream, really yummy, thank you Mrs.B&B. During one of our rare visits to the supermarket we came across Thatchers lemon cider. What a curiously refreshing drink. Like drinking lemon pop, will be great on a hot day. 

Meanwhile, back in the garden. The veg we planted a few weeks ago is starting to show signs of life. Both lots of onions, leeks, cabbages, cauliflowers, broad beans, carrots and lettuce are all making an appearance, happy days. The low note, though, cannot believe somebody has helped themselves to a brand new, unopened, bag of compost from our back terrace. We feel it is someone illegally using our rear access or a delivery driver. Who ever you are I hope it is put to better use than the tomatoes we had planned for it! I must get round to making a gate. In the front garden the first mound of earth moved, 41 bags so far. Guestimated 70+ bags for the second mound still to do. Need stone to finish the walls though and all the rest of the materials. Ballast, posts, joists, deck boards, sleepers and screws. Mrs. B&B has started planting the rockery, looking good already.

Absolutely gob smacked, we had a request from Australia for a Dire Straits t shirt but sorry,can’t oblige at the moment as I don’t have one. I love this band and I used to have a Money For Nothing t- shirt. I saw them live in ’85 at The NEC and was blown away. Watch this space for t shirt news. However, todays shirt is of the best drummer ever. Sadly no longer with us, he departed far too soon but Moon the loon, for me, lives on. I could watch Keith Moon for hours and The Who are a personal favourite of mine.

Cannot believe my eyes, we have holiday makers and second home owners arriving in Looe. How selfish can some people be, really. Why is it that some people think the guidelines are only for other people.

On a brighter note we have received bookings for later in the year, bit of a surprise, but very welcome. Thanks, we hope we can open our doors to welcome them in.

Hello all, we hope this finds you safe and well.

Here at Schooner Point we are sticking to the government guide lines, I wish I could say that all of Looe was doing the same. We were surprised to see a number of accommodation providers still open to book but unsure if they have guests. Please people, wise up! If you are not concerned about your own welfare you could spare a thought for others.

I am looking for any positives in the current situation, while we are on lock down with no guests. For me this takes the form of Mrs.B&B starting to cook again. We have had roasts, chilli pasta, curries, beef bourguignon, chicken & leek pies, stew and even some baking. Sausage rolls, sausage plat, flap jacks and pizza parcels all made. I've done my bit by eating them! She has even made a new batch of pineapple, fig and ginger chutney, lovely. However, the big event on the horizon is PASTIES, oh yes a particular favourite of mine, traditional of course. These are looming large on the schedule, can't wait.

We have managed to get some exercise by taking walks. We have been through Kilmanorth Woods. We went right to the top of the hill, incredibly long and steep, just why do we do it to ourselves? From there we went over to The Giants Hedge, constructed up to 1500 years ago, not by a Giant! Right down to Watergate and then back home along the lower path. While out in the woods we noticed a number of round bales of hay in amongst the trees, whats that all about? We also managed to get out late last night and took a quiet walk down to the beach. The wind was blowing in from the sea at a rate of knotts. Good to see the local Police patroling the town.

Today we were back on garden duty. Weeds cleared from the path, white lines on the steps and hand rail repainted. The light above the front door has been removed and repainted and the steps have been rubbed back and their first coat completed. We are staying positive and trying to use the time with no guests to get Schooner Point, Looe, looking at its best. We want to be ready to welcome you all back to Cornwall, Looe and Schooner Point Guest House, in particular, but only when it is safe to do so. Pasties, boat trips, walks to Polperro, pubs and live music, it will all be here for you when you come back.

Todays t-shirt is an absolute classic, to me anyway. For those of you who like The Small Faces you will know all about Ogdens Nut Gone Flake. For anyone unsure, look it out and give it a listen. The album is brilliant and so is the shirt.

Time to go but make sure you practise social distancing for all our sakes. 

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