Well, we now have a target opening date of 17th. May. Lots to do before our guests arrive in lovely Looe. The scaffold is down but we are still hard at work getting everything ready for that date. It would seem many other business’ in the town are doing the same, Kelly’s fish ‘n’ chip shop is receiving a full refurb and a number of shops being given a make over. All the boats have been lifted back into the water ready for all those trips around Looe and Polperro that the summer visitors love.

Whilst I have been redecorating the house exterior Mrs. B&B has started on the garden. Decking has had a lick of paint, weeding and planting at front and back well underway but still plenty to be done to be ready for opening.  With all this going on we have needed to be fed, obviously. I, yes I, have made Moussaka whilst Mrs.B&B has been busy conjuring up delights such as beef madras with saag aloo, beef bourguignon with roast potatoes, chicken with tarragon sauce, souvlaki pork kebabs with lemon potatoes, steak and chips with creamed mushrooms and pea and asparagus risotto with wild salmon. Thank you very much!

Mrs.B&B and I have been out and about on The South West Coast Path again. Kingsand back towards Mt.Edgecumbe and also Readymoney Cove, near Fowey, west towards Menabilly. Had a quick look at the ruins of the 16th. Century  St.Catherines Castle which we felt was well worth it as the views across to Polruan are wonderful. Hopefully we will get out again before opening.

Just to finish up, todays T - shirt is another from The Rolling Stones, It’s Only Rock’n’Roll. Great track but was given such a cringe worth video, check it out if you haven’t seen it. The look of panic on Jaggers face is a picture.

Looe featured on the TV show Devon and Cornwall recently. The St.Georges swim was shown, this entails swimmers being ferried to Looe Island (St.Georges) and then the 1 mile swim back to Looe Beach, not for me, that’s for sure. Looe’s fishing industry was the subject of This Fishing Life recently. The show gave a graphic insight into the trials and tribulations of our fishing fleet and the hardships they encounter. It has made Mrs. B&B and I resolve to support these guys as much as we can.

Cornwall is ever popular and has been featured in many other TV programmes recently, including Walking Devon and Cornwall, Cornwall with Simon Reeve, Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out, Rick Steins Cornwall, Cornwall Air 999, Saving Lives at Sea and of course the Doc Martin re-runs. These shows high light the delights of our beautiful county and hopefully will encourage all you lovely visitors to venture down here, when it is safe to do so. Our leader, Boris, is also doing his bit for the area by selecting Carbis Bay, St.Ives to stage the G7 Conference this coming June. This, apparently, is already having an effect on the hospitality industry with many bookings for the area coming in early.

Mrs.B&B has been busy in the kitchen recently cooking up some fabulous delights for us, with some time on her hands she has got stuck right in. We have dined on Thai prawn curry, roast beef in a giant Yorkshire pudding, risotto with fish and egg, goulash in a loaf, roast lamb, and mackerel pate amongst others. We have even had pudding, plum crumble and also numerous home cooked breads. I’m not overly fussed on big meals, ha ha, but I got stuck in and managed to eat all of it. Surprise, surprise I cooked a Valentines meal for Mrs.B&B. Starters of crab and avocado followed by seafood tagliatelle. The desert was a mango fool but this had to wait until the day after as we were too full to even to contemplate it.

This time the t shirt is of Eric Clapton’s or should I say Derick and The Dominoes Layla Sessions album. To give it it’s full title The Layla Sessions and Other Assorted Love Songs, absolute classic.

The COVID 19 figures are falling, the vaccination programme is well under way and Boris has outlined his plan to recovery and we are now preparing to welcome guests from 17th. May.  As always consider others, respect yourselves, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in Looe.

The scaffold is still up as unexpected issues have been uncovered and associated expense is being incurred, not good at this time. It is hard to believe I could get to the top and be able to work though, as I am petrified of heights. A big thanks to friends for lending a considerable hand, Mike and Julie you are stars. We are also very thankful for further help from Govt., much appreciated.

Unfortunately, Christmas celebrations have been muted this year due to a double bout of very sad news from our friends from Swindon. As we have now been put into tier 3 our personal New Year festivities have been affected. We were going to be spending time with the only “friends” we associate with during these difficult times, at a distance outside of course, but that will have to wait for another time now. Revised plan is for the two of us to be in front of the tv with a few drinks and may be a scrabble board, lol! Mrs. B&B and I are looking forward to next year, hopefully we will be able to participate in all the usual Looe activities such as the Raft Race, Great Duck Race, Duloe Cider and Ale Festival, Looe Live Festival and the festivities at New Year.

Todays T shirt is The Who’s Quadraphenia, Four Faces. This iconic album and film is absolutely brilliant. For my 50th. Birthday I was taken to see The Who at Hyde Park, a few years ago now, thanks Mrs. B&B. Amazing concert with Paul Weller and The Chaiser Chiefs as support acts. Only the two faces left now but Daltry and Townsend were amazing and also very humble and grateful for the life that music has given them. I had some new T shirts for Christmas so they will feature soon.

Mrs.B&B and I wish you all the best for The New Year. We hope that 2021 proves to be a better year than 2020 and we look forward to seeing you in Looe. Don’t forget to book direct for our best price !

Ride out the storm, stay safe, remember hands, face, space and hopefully we will see you this coming year. 

Well, 2021 is with us, here’s hoping it will be kinder to us all than 2020 was.

Over the festive season, I have been thinking about the blog and my favourite topic, the band t-shirts. It occurred to me that some of you may be thinking it would be easy just to list a whole load of bands and t shirts without actually having them but no! so, I have persuaded Mrs. B&B to post some piccies. Granted I am not wearing them but photos of me, in that number, would be too much for many to bare.

We have heavily featured my favourite band The Rolling Stones with 5 different shirts and there are at least another 4 to come. I was lucky enough to see The Stones 4 times during the 90’s, all at Wembley Stadium. The Small Faces and The Jam have both featured twice with another 2 Jam shirts to come. It has to be said I am too young to have seen The Small Faces and also missed out on The Jam but have more recently seen Paul Weller.

Today’s shirt is from The Doors showing Jim Morrison and the lyrics from L.A.Woman, for me their best track. I have another 2 shirts from The Doors yet to feature. 

Stay safe all and hope to see you soon.

Winter has arrived in Looe. Most of the leaves have gone from Kilmanorth Woods and the boats have been lifted from the water. The temperature has noticeably dropped as well. Due to the second lock down the town and Schooner Point went quiet, has now reopened though.

Redecoration of our Foredeck room is nearing completion. New lamps, light fittings, chairs and art work are already here. The painting is now complete, curtain rail is up and brand new curtains hung. Gone are the turquoise chairs and throw, to be replaced by tones of grey and dusk pink. Hmm I thought when Mrs. B&B said this was the new colour scheme. I have been proved wrong many times before though, so no kicking and screaming from me, yet! A number of small jobs have been completed in the kitchen and there are many more to tackle elsewhere, oh what fun. Scaffolding has just been erected and I was a bit daunted by the height of it. However, to my surprise I have managed to get to the top without panicking so bodes well for the work I need to do.  

Mrs. B&B put the Christmas Tree up in November, to spread a bit of cheer. I’m a firm believer of keeping Christmas in December, however, in these troubled times what the heck. This year the tree is in the dining room, as we are not open for New Year this time. The tree can be seen through the window and we also put lights up around the decking. There seems to be a feeling in Looe, perhaps elsewhere, of brightening the town up early, so we have done our bit.

Just before shut down we managed to get out for a little exercise. First we drove to Bodmin Parkway, parked up and did a circular walk up to Lanhydrock and back. Got a little wet but never mind. A few days later we went off to Mount Edgecumbe. We had decided to walk towards Kingsand and got to within a mile and a half before my knee problem forced us to return. On the way back we were fortunate to see a deer in the woods, beautiful and then back to Mt. Edgecumbe. We were surprised to see a number of camouflaged Marines. We hadn’t noticed them until we were virtually upon them.

The t shirt today is a new one from a band I saw way back in 1985. The shirt is of the Alchemy album from Dire Straits. I was fortunate enough to see them at The NEC, Birmingham during their “Live in 85” Tour, promoting the widely acclaimed Brothers In Arms album. They were such a brilliant band to experience live and The Alchemy album is a tribute to this. 

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